Monday, 12 August 2013

Party Invitations and Return gifts!

Hello crafty ppl......have been missing in action for a very long time now....I was travelling.... then got a li'l busy at home with family and was also quite busy crafting stuff for my daughter's birthday and making a few things on order. Anyway I am back and very keen on getting back to business. :-) I missed out on a few challenges and saw that there were some amazing challenges these last two months. Hope to get back into action and participate in at least a few challenges this month.

Today I'm gonna start with showing you something that I made for my dear daughter's was her 4th and can't believe that she actually gave me a list of friends she wanted to!!! these days are really smart!!

We did a Winnie the Pooh theme for her party and I sent out these Honey Pot invites to her friends....they are very simple but went well with the theme. For the invite message I used a free printable.

I also made these pillow boxes with treats to be given to each child along with their return gifts. I tried to co-ordinate the colours of the cardstock and ribbons with the characters in the Pooh series. :-) The pictures of characters are free printables available online .

I also wanted to give everyone a cupcake each as one of the return gifts. I made some lemon cupcakes and made some simple but bright cupcake boxes to put the cupcakes in.

I had also made small thank you notes for all her friends but unfortunately forgot to take pictures. Hmmm....there was just so much to do that by the time we reached her birthday I was quite exhausted....but my li'l girl had tonnes of fun and all of her friends except one could make it. :-)


  1. welcome back Div..... great, i loved the pillow boxes n the colourful array of cupcake boxes. good ones, loved it