Monday, 12 August 2013

Dress Card!

I got an order for a birthday card for a daughter-in-law from her mother-in-law!!! Now this lady has only a son and this was the first birthday of the daughter-in-law after the wedding. I was so excited that I made about three cards and left it to the mother-in-law to choose from. :-) She chose this dress card.....and she said something very sweet. Now before I tell you what she told me....I must tell you that the three cards were three different was a card with a very neutral colour and a proper birthday theme...the other one was a very floral card and the third one was a very girly pink card. So when I sent her pics of the three cards....she chose the girly pink card and said she liked all the cards but this one was special because of "the absence of pink in her life until now"....isn't that really sweet..... :-)

I saw something similar but simpler on a very talented lady's blog....but the unfortunate bit is that I am unable to locate the blog. I did this almost a month ago and forgot to note down the blog name!! She had made something similar for her bridesmaids thanking them. The best part about the card was that it was really so simple but looked extremely elegant and classy. And that really grabbed my attention. 

So this is my version of the dress card. I of course added a few more embellishments and some patterned paper to my card...but i think it still retains its simplicity and elegance.

Added some pearls at the bottom of the dress.

I was told that the daughter-in-law really liked it and was thrilled to know that it was custom made for her!! :-)

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