Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas is coming!!

Christmas and the New Year are around the corner and I thought of making some Christmas and New Year cards. Christmas cards can be really cheery and they almost always exude this feeling of joy and a sense of excitement! Its like a prelude to the arrival of the New Year with new beginnings and new hopes! 

Here is the card that I made, hopefully the first of many more to come!! :-)  

Monday, 26 November 2012

Something for Daddy and Hubby!!

Here is a very simple scrapbook style photo frame that I made for my dear hubby. It was a gift that was meant from me as well as from our daughter for his birthday. Dear Hubby kept mentioning that there were no photos on his office desk of our daughter or of us. So I decided that a photo frame with our pictures would be ideal gift for him. Of course, it was one of many gifts that we gave him!! :-)
The photos have been stuck to the frame using blue tack and can be replaced. The idea was to be able to keep changing the photos on this frame from time to time.   
Also, I made this in a manner that one side of the frame was dedicated to daddy and his li'l girl and the other side was meant for us. I tied together the two parts with some rope to make it stand.

Hello There!

Hello there........I hope you've bumped into my blog by chance and now don't want to leave 'coz you like what you see here! :-)

I recently came across paper crafting and now am hooked. I love the fact that you can create such a lot of wonderful things with a little bit of creativity and a bit of imagination. What you see here is just a very simple version of paper crafting. There are so many people out there with immense talent and creativity and who are nothing short of experts in this field!!         

So this blog is where i decided to put up some of my creations, be it handmade cards, photo frames or scrapbooks or photo albums. Since I am a beginner I have very limited stock of crafty stuff and accessories.   

All of you who are here are reading this, please do take a look at all the pages and posts and leave your comments and let me know if I can do this better!! Cheers!!

Simple n Beautiful!

I am often in a hurry to see what my card will shape up like when i start working on it. And it is such a pleasure to see the results of your effort.  I especially like these cards that i made because they are so simple. Just a few additions here n there totally change the appeal of a card. In the first card here, I love the bit of sentiment tied up with a piece of rope. Without that piece, the card would've looked pretty ordinary, but as soon as I added that bit it completely changed the look of the card. Again, with the last card, I just love the contrast of brown and pink; and the 3 little buttons add just the right amount of cuteness to the card. I believe there is nothing better than expressing your feelings  through handmade cards. I'm loving it!! :)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Sentiments...yes and no!

Sentiments on cards are great!! Sometimes just a few words suffice and yet other times words just pour out of you and you want to fill the card with them. I often look for cards with minimum sentiments so I can fill in the card with my own words and sentiments. Here you'll find 3 cards with basic sentiments like "thank you", "hi" etc. The last 3 cards, however, have no sentiments on them. You can fill them in with whatever you like! :-)