Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Another Best Wishes card!!

Here's another best wishes CAS card that I made. I hope you like it. Not much to write about. I just wanted to use that pink patterned paper desperately and thought I'll use the sketch at Simply Less is More challenge and also play along their challenge. Oh and btw...the banner is traced and so is the sentiment. I used some water colour pencils to give it a slight pink shade!! :-)

A close up of the banner and the sentiment!

Best of Luck!!

I've been thinking of making a 'best wishes' card for my brother who's going off to Wharton to do his MBA this fall. He's going back to studies after a long hiatus and he's going to be gone for a long while now. I thought something bright and cheery should be a good idea. I wanted it to be a CAS card and masculine. I saw this week's sketch on CAS on Sunday challenge and decided to use their sketch for my card and play along with their challenge too! :-) 

This is the first time I'm making a masculine card. I'm not sure if there are any limitations on what kind of colour to use for a masculine card. I definitely knew that pink may not be acceptable as a masculine colour, but I really wanted to use this yellow. So if any of you know more about masculine cards and what should go into making one, please do put in a comment at the end!! :-)

 A view from the front.

I've used a patterned paper on the top and then cut 4 strips of paper from another pp and stuck it onto the first pp. The row of numbers that you see are from another stack of pp. I used the same pp to add a strip to the inside of the card too! The sentiment is traced and written over with a black ball point pen. 

Happy Mother's Day

Hello there.....I'm back after a brief lull.

Being a new entrant to the crafting world, a lot of my time goes in thinking......thinking of designs, layout of a card, what papers to use, what card stock to use, how to embellish etc.

When I saw the Lulupu Challenge - My Mum, My World and the Crafter's Corner - BINGO challenge (I've used Patterned Paper, Flowers, Stamping) for this month, i kept thinking of what new to try. There's so much for me to learn and so many new things that I can try my hand at, I really got confused. Anyway, I finally decided on making a flower pot card as my Mother's Day card. I've never made a flower pot card before, this is my first time!!

So the challenge with this flower pot card was that I don't have any flower embellishments in my stash!! So I had to make all the flowers by myself. I've really been inspired by some recent flower making tutorials that I happened to come across on some blogs as well as on You tube. Its amazing how some work with paper can give you such beautiful flowers!! I've tried to co-ordinate the colours of the flowers and those of the polka dots on the patterned paper. But of course, the space was so limited that I could make only 5 mini flowers.

The inner card, once you pull it out. There's a stamped blue butterfly next to the sentiment which is not very visible in this pic.

So here's a pic at another angle so you can see the butterfly.

A close up of the flowers. The pink carnations that you see here are thanks to the idea by Indira at the Lulupu blog. They are made using tissue paper. The orange flower on the top is inspired by the flower made by Isha in one of her posts over at the Lulupu blog. The other two flowers are also inspired by ideas of some talented women in the blog world!!

Another pic of the card.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I have always been intrigued by the different types of albums made by a lot of talented ladies out there in the crafting world. I always wanted to try making one sometime. And finally I tried my hand on a mini star shaped album....yay!!!! The thing about these crafts is that, once you get a hang of it you just don't wanna stop....you wanna go on and on and make as many as possible.

I happened to come across this star shaped mini album tute over here and here; and I think its a great idea. What better ways to preserve memories than to do it with an album that can stay open on your table for you to enjoy. I really really liked this concept and am looking forward to making many more. It can be such a great gift for near and dear ones!! :-) 

I wanted to play along at Itsy Bitsy challenges in their Colour challenge. I think the combination of blue, green and neutrals is amazing and very eye-catching. I was really inspired by the album that Sunehra has made over at the blog. I think its beautiful and a huge thanks to her. 

So here come the pics....this is my first attempt at an album so please do bear with any mistakes that I may have made and if you are reading this then please do leave me some comments and suggestions to improve. I don't have paper trimmers or score boards (p.s. I am getting them really soon....and am so excited!! :-)) and so my lines I think were a bit skewed. I wanted the album title to say "US" and u see that on the cover.  

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy Holidays!!

Well....not really holidays in this part...but that was the theme i chose for this card. 

Again I was experimenting with making my own stencils and making patterns with them. I tried out this sea side pattern on my card and I think it turned out ok. I need to improve the quality of my stencils though. Still using card stock, which is not very firm when i use paint to stencil the pattern. Wonder where I can get hold of acetate sheets!

So here is the card with my stenciling. You'll notice that one of the shell patterns is a little smudged! :-P 

The wave pattern was stenciled and then cut out. Then I used water colour pencils to colour it. 

The shells were stenciled using acrylic water colours.

The sentiment was traced and then written over with a black sketch pen. The starfish was stenciled on red card stock and then cut out.The little purple lines and dots in the center were hand drawn. 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A small post today. CAS again....I hope people don't get bored of my CAS card craze!!

This is a card that I made for the CAS on Sunday Challenge #5 Thank You.
Hope you like it. I wanted to try out a red and navy blue combination on a CAS card (though i think the blue is not really "blue" in the picture.....appears more like black!! :-( ). Do let me know if its turned out well.

Oh and the flowers are coloured with water colour pencils.

A closer look at the flowers.

A closer view of the sentiment and the stitching pattern which as you might have guessed, was handmade. :-)

Monday, 1 April 2013

CAS again!!

I just figured out what CAS is and I seem to be addicted to it already!! This card just happened to come about. 

I have a lovely book that teaches you to stencil and stamp.....not just on cards but on possibly everything from fabric to floor to tiles to furniture. There was a time, long ago, when I used stencils on furniture and walls. Ideally stencils should be cut out on acetate sheets, but I used to cut them out on card stock. Anyway, so I was going through the book and the stencil patterns given in it and I came across this lovely hibiscus pattern and thought of giving it a try. Once the stencil was cut out, I figured I should try colouring it with my watercolour pencils. I did and it turned out pretty decent. As I was wondering what to do with the flower, I decided why not use the flower as the focal point in a simple card! And so i neatly cut out the flower and used it in this CAS card. 

A closer look at the flower and my colouring. Its not bad i think.

Another pic of the card.

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