Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I have always been intrigued by the different types of albums made by a lot of talented ladies out there in the crafting world. I always wanted to try making one sometime. And finally I tried my hand on a mini star shaped album....yay!!!! The thing about these crafts is that, once you get a hang of it you just don't wanna stop....you wanna go on and on and make as many as possible.

I happened to come across this star shaped mini album tute over here and here; and I think its a great idea. What better ways to preserve memories than to do it with an album that can stay open on your table for you to enjoy. I really really liked this concept and am looking forward to making many more. It can be such a great gift for near and dear ones!! :-) 

I wanted to play along at Itsy Bitsy challenges in their Colour challenge. I think the combination of blue, green and neutrals is amazing and very eye-catching. I was really inspired by the album that Sunehra has made over at the blog. I think its beautiful and a huge thanks to her. 

So here come the pics....this is my first attempt at an album so please do bear with any mistakes that I may have made and if you are reading this then please do leave me some comments and suggestions to improve. I don't have paper trimmers or score boards (p.s. I am getting them really soon....and am so excited!! :-)) and so my lines I think were a bit skewed. I wanted the album title to say "US" and u see that on the cover.  


  1. What an idea...a star album....looking forward to this BEAUTIFUL gift from you my STAR :) loads love Amma

  2. superb ...very interesting work....

  3. Something different n lovely

  4. thats beautiful... a lovely idea

  5. Hey Div, this is a fantastic peice of work! Awesome use of the PPs, and such a novel idea too. I think I used the same papers in my cuckoo clock album for the Itsy Bitsy blog - PERFECT for this color scheme. Well done!
    Thanks so much for playing along ItsyBitsy's Logo Color Challenge. All the very best!
    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place

    1. Hey Sunehra....thanks so much....I was really inspired by your album...yes the PPs are from the same stack....its my first ever stack of PPs.