Monday, 26 November 2012

Something for Daddy and Hubby!!

Here is a very simple scrapbook style photo frame that I made for my dear hubby. It was a gift that was meant from me as well as from our daughter for his birthday. Dear Hubby kept mentioning that there were no photos on his office desk of our daughter or of us. So I decided that a photo frame with our pictures would be ideal gift for him. Of course, it was one of many gifts that we gave him!! :-)
The photos have been stuck to the frame using blue tack and can be replaced. The idea was to be able to keep changing the photos on this frame from time to time.   
Also, I made this in a manner that one side of the frame was dedicated to daddy and his li'l girl and the other side was meant for us. I tied together the two parts with some rope to make it stand.

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