Monday, 26 November 2012

Hello There!

Hello there........I hope you've bumped into my blog by chance and now don't want to leave 'coz you like what you see here! :-)

I recently came across paper crafting and now am hooked. I love the fact that you can create such a lot of wonderful things with a little bit of creativity and a bit of imagination. What you see here is just a very simple version of paper crafting. There are so many people out there with immense talent and creativity and who are nothing short of experts in this field!!         

So this blog is where i decided to put up some of my creations, be it handmade cards, photo frames or scrapbooks or photo albums. Since I am a beginner I have very limited stock of crafty stuff and accessories.   

All of you who are here are reading this, please do take a look at all the pages and posts and leave your comments and let me know if I can do this better!! Cheers!!

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